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Group Lesson

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Group Lessons are recommend for beginner kiteboarders.  Group Lessons start at 4 people and up.  Pricing is set per person.  You can purchase in groups of up to four or if you have a large party give us a call and we can set up special pricing!  For group lessons we can add you to a group or you can come with friends and family. 

Group lessons are done twice a month on sundays.  They will be done from 10am to 1pm.  During a group lesson you will learn about safety and set up, the wind window and wind theory and then you will get right to flying the kite!  You will get experience flying a trainer kite on land and also get to be out on the water.  During a group lesson you will practice your kite control and practicing the necessary skills to get on the board.  

A group lesson is perfect for those wanting to get started and get a feel for the sport! 

During a beginner lesson you will learn all of the much needed basics.  Once you arrive at the riding location you will first learn about the wind. What are the safe conditions to go out in, wind direction and the wind window.  From there you will then learn the setup and safety of your kite.  While all of that is fun,  the next steps are the most exciting.  You will then get out on the water and learn how to fly kite!

In addition you will learn the proper relaunching techniques.  Learn figure eights and kite control, down wind body drags, upwind body drags, and water starts! 

If you are looking to continue on from the skills you already have, we will build on that foundation to get you up and riding.  If you need any refreshers we will do that first and then keep moving forward.  

During our group lessons you will have a private instructor for each group.  Those in the same group will all be with the same instructor, please call ahead to be sure you will be in the same group as your party if purchasing separately. 

Also included is all the gear you need, your kite, control bar, board, harness and wetsuit if needed. 

There isn't much you need to worry about but there are a couple things we recommend to have to ensure you have the best time possible!  

Those items include:  Your swimwear, sunscreen, a pair of water shoes,  Sunglass (that you don't mind losing incase they fall off in the water), and a towel.