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Wakeboarding Lesson

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Our wakeboarding lessons are done in 30 minute blocks of time and are done at your pace!  Having good board control makes learning to kiteboard that much easier so if you are looking to make your lessons easier or just struggling with your board starts this is a great way to get some extra practice. We recommend to taking 30 minutes to an hour long lesson at a time.  Wakeboarding lessons are done behind a jetski to ensure that you will not have too much pull or too much wake disturbing the water.

What you learn!

In this lesson we will teach you all the basics and get you up on the board.  You will learn how to ride the board and the reason why edging and board control are so important in your process to becoming a kiteboarder.

Whats included?

During any wakeboarding lesson you will have a private instructor just for you.  If you come with a friend or family member than you will have the opportunity to learn together with the same instructor.  

Also included is all the gear you need, board, life vest, and a helmet and wetsuit if needed. 

What Should You bring?

There isn't much you need to worry about but there are a couple things we recommend to have to ensure you have the best time possible!  

Those items include:  Your swimwear, sunscreen, and Sunglass (that you don't mind losing incase they fall off in the water)